I had my son Jesse at 12:18 yesterday morning.  I was so grateful for the breathing techniques which I used for the entire labour. And you know what else was amazing? The pressure dial. I think I used it for almost every surge during active labour and I couldn’t believe how effective it was! I could actually feel the pressure/pain reduce as I pushed the dial down in my mind. It was the most effective tool I had for this labour.  Thank you again so much for the tools you have provided through Birth Unafraid! - Gillian & Jamie
I want to thank you for helping my daughter.  I can't believe how calmly she went through her birthing time!  I wish you were around when I gave birth!  The information & approach to birth is invaluable and life changing! - Teri, mother of Amandalyn

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Because of The Practical Pregnancy, I felt well-informed and confident in my pregnancy.  And I can't even begin to describe the benefits of the Birth Unafraid program!  I felt a peace and calm during my birthing time, knowing I could handle whatever came my way. Confident Mama Bundle all the way! - Adrienne
Baby Riley arrived safe & sound - nothing short of a beautiful experience thanks to the time we devoted to understanding a new way of birth. We have been spreading the good news of Birth Unafraid to as many people as will listen! We honestly think it should be required material for all birthing fams!  Thank you for the work you do & for being passionate about something that changes lives & works - The Mills Family

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