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We are developing a Birth Unafraid™ Instructors Course for women everywhere.  With more instructors, we'll see more Confident Mamas & their improved birth outcomes of peace, comfort & beautiful birth experiences which helps to change the birth narrative for generations to come!  We will also empower women by providing income as Birth Unafraid™ Instructors.

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Birth Unafraid


Proceeds from every purchase with us goes to support the ‘COATNET” foundation - a global network of Christian organizations working to combat & assist survivors of human trafficking, modern slavery & forced labour.  COATNET links over 45 Christian organizations fighting human trafficking - co-ordinated by Caritas Internationalis - with Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox members from 39 countries & also co-operate with other faith & civil society organizations worldwide.


Investing in The Practical Pregnancy Company™ not only brings about personal change but has impact on the women of the world!  Take a look at how we're making an impact!

Proceeds from every purchase with us goes to ​support Dr. Jean Chamberlain’s “Save the Mothers” foundation whose mission is to train local leaders in the developing world to reduce maternal mortality within their own countries; whose vision is that no mother or child should die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth; and who believes universal access to quality maternal care in pregnancy and childbirth is a basic human right.