Although you can attend the sessions at any point in your pregnancy, between 24 and 32 weeks is ideal.  The contents of the Program (comprised of 3 classes) is outlined below.

CLASS #1 - We explore: Deep Relaxation and the Birth with Peace Process during pregnancy and birth (what it is and how it works); outcomes found in research on this approach; the 'fear-tension-pain syndrome';  'message units' or 'core memories' and how they relate to birth; the conscious and subconscious mind; Faith Statements - what they are and how they work; birthing language; and what you're not learning - it's not a 'power-of-the-mind/manifestation/'the secret'/new-age approach.  Rather, it is a Prenatal Education Program rooted in science.  

CLASS #2 - We explore:  preparing your body for birth; where to birth your baby; explanation and demonstration of 3 breathing techniques; and how your body and your baby work together during labour and birth.  

CLASS #3 - We explore: the lessons learned in class one (Deep Relaxation and Birth with Peace - how / why it works to decrease discomfort and improve outcomes and birth experiences); mental imagery - what it is and how it's helpful; light touch massage; how to instantly relax; how to change unwanted sensations into sensations of pressure and anaesthesia/numbness; 'positive birth'; if things don't go as planned/hoped for; the phases of labour - what they are, what to expect, what to do and when to call your care provider; water breaking; how to get labour started; birth companions - what to expect and what to do/the role they play; bonding with baby; breastfeeding; and bathing the baby.  We also review actual births - in pictures and videos.