The Birth With Peace Process focuses on the ability of the brain to learn and adapt.  Research has shown that our brains can grow, change and re-wire in ways that can either harm or benefit us.  With the Birth With Peace Process, we train our brains to view birth as positive, peaceful and manageable vs. what most people's brains perceive it to be - horrendous and terrifying.  

It turns out the way in which we view birth has an impact on our birth outcomes and our experience of birth (our birth experience).  We tend to have ‘cognitive distortion’ when it comes to birth in that, when we think of labour or birth, we tend to view it as a negative experience.  These thinking patterns are well-worn and our brain ends up telling us something is true when it is not — that most births are scary, excruciatingly painful, the worst thing you’ll ever endure and end badly.  The Birth With Peace Process allows us to deconstruct unhelpful thoughts about labour and birth and rebuild them in a more balanced, confident and accurate way.  

In order to increase the chance of having a positive birth experience, we must re-train brains or re-set our thinking with regards to birth – we destroy old ‘message units’ about birth and create new ones.  We do this by using the Birth With Peace Process.  The outcomes of using the Birth With Peace Process include a positive, calm and peaceful birth experience.​  Other outcomes may include a faster labour, improved outcomes for mother and baby and decreased discomfort.  There are no risks or down-sides to the Birth With Peace Process for labour and birth.  Peace is possible!